Lockdown in the time of covid-19 [e.g., triptych above] is part of the broader series of artworks entitled nothing is what it seems; referencing from the coronavirus outbreak; the illustrations began after the UK government imposed confinement measures to stem the spread of the epidemic; the images are composed using a blend of monochromatic archival japanese ink pens and 22 carat gold leaves; memoirs and world news reports on the pandemic are interwoven into the structure; the intention is not to control the creative process; on the contrary, to let it free to achieve its functions; thus allowing the viewer an exclusive and unrestrained personal experience void of further conscious interference.   

Nothing Is What It Seems [e.g., see above] is an ongoing series of artworks exploring the links between reality and imagination; The studies are conducted in a trans-disciplinary way before the works are created; The essence of the dialogue perhaps is to challenge our perception of who we are, our relationship with the universe and one another with a view to elevate our human condition; Paulo Tercio is an enthusiastic amateur artist whose practice probes the beauty inherent in life’s dualistic unity; employing both archival and eco-friendly materials to illustrate the play of opposites at interdisciplinary levels; Initially he studied Philosophy and English Proficiency in Lisbon before moving to London where he worked at The Hempel Hotel alongside the hotelier and interior designer Anouska Hempel; A sense of urgency led him to study painting at the Slade School of Fine Art where he met Turner Prize nominee Goshka Macuga and designer Arkadius who  became his private collector; 

‘It follows that the soul is analogous to the hand; for as the hand is a tool of tools, so the mind is the form of forms and sense the form of sensible things.’ Aristotle (384-322 B.C.); in the series of drawings – portrait of humanity – paulo tercio juxtaposes abstract lines to emphasise his depictions of collective emotions [e.g., see below]; he draws further inspiration from the simultaneous, and interdependent coexistence of all species; thus human hands impressions merge with memoirs to create unconstrained visual aesthetic experiences. If you require further information about the artist or a comprehensive pdf of his artworks, please do not hesitate to contact us on the email § info@paulotercio.com.