Portraying Life Beyond Light and Shadow

‘My creativity undoubtedly stems from fragments of my unconscious; those hidden in the depths of my mind inaccessible otherwise. Thus art occurs in life perhaps to challenge perceptions; to enhance relationships; and to elevate human potential beyond beauty.’ – Inspired by both the impermanence of life and the unity of opposites, Paulo transmutes the interbeing into art by interplaying textures, forms and memoirs [ e.g., below ]. like goshka macuga he also believes the magic is the unknown; what you project into the artwork and how it captivates you. 

Currently his practice has evolved to include new series such as ‘in time of covid-19’ [ e.g., above ]; ‘Life Beyond Light and Shadow’ [ silver gelatin prints e.g.,slideshow ] and  ‘portrait of humanity’ [ e.g., below ]. All projects are aimed at encouraging sustainable social change. Paulo frequently donates to charities including – Art on a Postcard – which raises money for the Hepatitis C Trust. he studied Philosophy in Lisbon and Painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London where he resides. Due to copyright protection the image sizes displayed on this website have been reduced. 

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