Pregnant Of Myself  |  Photograph Courtesy of Arkadius  |  2017

My creations explore the human mind and its ability to converge reality with imagination, arguing whether raising consciousness through ART can lead to supreme realization.

Initially I studied Philosophy and English Proficiency in Lisbon before moving to London where I worked at The Hempel Hotel alongside hotelier and interior designer Anouska Hempel. Afterwards I immersed myself into the artistic world of Vidal Sassoon taking a Diploma course graduating with distinctions. These interwoven experiences led me to study painting at the Slade School of Fine Art where I met Turner Prize nominee Goshka Macuga and fashion designer Arkadius who later became one of my private collectors.

Since then my practice has evolved to include experimentations in both photography, drawing, and painting mediums transmuting them into open series such as Pregnant of Myself, Transcending the Ego, Nothing Is What It Seems, and Lux Aeterna. Within my limited capacity, I hope to contribute to society development by mixing ART with social projects that are devoted to improving the natural world, the perception of who we are and relationship with one another, with a view to elevate human condition.